Wymiary 128 × 106 × 205 cm

Slim Luke Games

Technical Specification

<ul><li>Electrical requirements: voltage: 90V – 240V, power consumption: 230W frequency: 50Hz to 60Hz</li><li>Extensions: Working with most popular currency acceptors and ticket dispensers.</li><li>Disaply: resolution: FullHD 1080 by 1920 graphics diameter: 50-inches</li><li>Sound: Stereo 5.5-inch speaker system High-efficiency audio amplifier</li><li>Software features: Digital ticket and currency counters. Advanced ticket settings and statistics. Volume adjustment for standby and in-game. Freeplay mode.</li><li>Safety glass.</li><li>Mechanical counters for currency and tickets.</li><li>Full LED illumination.</li><li>RGB LED controller.</li></ul>

Ticket Dispenser



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